In this project, mathematical models are developed which describe the morphological changes of filamentous microorganisms in bioprocesses. These models can be applied to different filamentous microorganisms and process conditions.
A population balance model (PBM) takes into account that different morphological forms occur simultaneously in a bioprocess. In addition to the growth of the microorganisms, their breakage and aggregation behaviour is also mechanistically described in the PBM.

Macroscopic and microscopic morphological parameters of filamentous microorganisms can be determined on the basis of the image processing of microscope images and three-dimensional computed tomographies. These parameters are used to calibrate structured growth models of filamentous microorganisms. The rates of the growth terms, for example the change of the active hyphae length during the cultivation, can be determined from simulations of these models. The calculation of the rates is crucially important for the growth PBM. Certain rates can be determined directly by the image processing which is improved with regard to the number of samples.

In the course of the project, the growth PBM is coupled to a PBM that describes spore aggregation and germination. Due to the influence of shear forces on the filamentous microorganisms, the PBM is expanded and completed by breakage and aggregation.

The important factors influencing the morphology are taken into account in the developed models. These include shear forces, viscosity, properties of the microorganisms and the inoculum as well as other process conditions. The developed population balance model can be used for the model-based optimization of biotechnological production processes involving filamentous microorganisms as cell factories.

responsible institute:

Lehrstuhl für Systemverfahrenstechnik
Gregor-Mendel-Straße 4
85354 Freising

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Project supervisor Prof. Heiko Briesen briesen@wzw.tum.de +49(0)8161-713272
Doctorand Stefan Schmideder stefan.schmideder@tum.de +49(0)8161-713727
Doctorand M. Sc. Henri Müller henri.mueller@tum.de +49(0)8161-714187
Doctorand Dsc. Ali Khajehesamedini ali.khajehesamedini@tum.de +49(0)8161-714187

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