Generalized morphological population balance modeling of aggregating, filamentous microorganisms

Our group focuses on the morphological changes of filamentous microorganisms in bioprocesses. Therefore, mathematical models are developed, which are applicable to different filamentous microorganisms and process conditions. The variety of morphological forms during a bioprocess are considered by the use of population balance modeling. Thereby, the growth, the breakage and the aggregation of the microorganisms are investigated on a mechanistic base. The developed models take the important  influencing factors on the morphology into account. These include shear forces, viscosity, properties of the microorganisms and the inoculum, and other process conditions.

responsible institute:

Lehrstuhl für Systemverfahrenstechnik
Gregor-Mendel-Straße 4
85354 Freising

position name e-mail phone
Project supervisor Prof. Heiko Briesen briesen@wzw.tum.de +49(0)8161-713272
Doctorand Stefan Schmideder stefan.schmideder@tum.de +49(0)8161-713727

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